Basic Rules

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Basic Rules

Post by ProfessorElwood on Thu Jun 01, 2017 11:13 am

1.Have Fun: Of course, what are we doing here? Is to have fun!

2. No Godmodding: This is obvious, you can't make your character get through any challenges in just a blink. We need to be realistic, We can't make a Rayquaza faint within one punch from you. This is also includes controlling NPCs and PCs without the other's permission.

3. Double Accounts: It's not like I am against double accounts but it's just unfair if you used two accounts to send rewards from each other. If you want two characters, you can just make an another one and keep the two characters organized all in one account. The maximum characters you can have is two.

4. Respect Everyone: This is also basic, you have to respect everyone especially the mods. Everybody needs a little patience about everyone.

5. Keep your Content +13: I know, there are some moments that both RPers wants to make their characters a lovey dovey couple. and some RPers can be very violent. Please, if there are romance keep it 13+ so that means no making out, sex, and the such. Hugs and kisses are okay. For violent and gore lovers, please make it mild. Please don't murder a Purrloin in cold blood with it guts exposed, a little bit of blood is okay such as wounds. A little bit of violent is okay too.

6. No Oversized Pictures and Signature: Well, there are some times that you used oversized pictures in signatures and it makes them very long, it makes the site hard to scroll. It also loads the site so please keep your signatures as small as possible as well as the pictures you used in your thread.


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