The Battle System

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The Battle System

Post by ProfessorElwood on Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:16 pm

Battling is the main system of any pokemon games. But here, in Pokemon Delta we have 3 kinds of Battle System PvWP(Player vs Wild Pokemon) and PvP(Player vs Player). Both are different because of the way you battle between a wild pokemon and a player. So first up:

Player Vs. Wild Pokemon

This is basic. If you are confronting a wild pokemon. This is kinda simple compared to PvP. You just need to mention what move did your pokemon used. It is optional to convey on how that move was done by the pokemon. So let's get straight to the damage calculation, we will be using the same formula just like the game, if you're lazy to do this calculation you can just search pokemon damage calculator on google.

Level = the level of your pokemon
Power = the power of the move you used
A = is Atk if the move is physical and Sp. Atk if the move is a special attack
D = is Defense if the move is physical and Sp. Def if the move is a special attack

Modifier is:

Target would x0.75 if there are more than one target, x1 if only single target.
Weather would x1.5 if a water move is used during rain/a fire move used during sunny day. then x0.5 if a water move is used in rain and vice versa.
Nevermind the badge, we will not apply that.
Critical is x2 if the move was a critical. x1 if not.
Nevermind the random
STAB is same attack type bonus. So, if the move matches the pokemon's type it would x1.5 and if the pokemon has the ability "Adaptability" then it would be x2


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